Tammy has always been creative and artistic. Her dad was an artist, so she grew up immersed in art. Years ago, she started her spiritual journey seeking Spirit. These two paths ultimately intertwined – her passion for art and colors with her love and connection to Spirit. Thankfully, God and the Universe have placed many friends and teachers in her life to assist her on this journey. She has dedicated time and energy to enhance her abilities in order to feel and hear Spirit.

Art is Tammy’s passion. When she is working, she experiences each painting individually, including love, color, energy and life itself. Every painting she creates grows her soul. As an intuitive artist, sometimes, she has a clear vision when she starts a painting with the colors and energy coming forth. Other times, the colors and energy surprise her, too! Her paintings speak to her – both spiritually and emotionally.

Tammy is passionate about her paintings and infuses this passion into each one. With every brush stroke, whether it is with her bare hands, brush or palette knife, she experiences the emotions and energy as the colors flow through her. She is connected to every single color and drop of paint on the canvas. When creating, her intent is for people to look at her art and to feel something. She wants them to be able to experience the energy, colors and vibration that is coming from each painting.

When people walk into a room, Tammy wants them to not only notice a particular painting, but to be drawn to it. She believes every piece of art speaks to one or many and can be healing for both the artist and buyer. Art is less about what you’re painting and more about what you see as well as how it makes you feel. Art should evoke your emotions or nudge your psyche and spirit.

Her paintings speak to people, bringing both casual and deep emotions to the surface. Her intention for the soul painting experience is that her client will feel energetically and emotionally connected to the painting.

Tammy creates small, medium, large and extra-large abstract paintings rich in color. Her love for color comes through the paintings. She is always excited and honored to see the finished work of each painting. Art truly inspires her, and she loves how it speaks to her heart and soul. She is very grateful to live, breathe and work doing what she loves. Her mission in life is to paint!

Medium: Acrylic and oil
Tools: Brush, palette knife, and hands.
Education:  Bachelor Degree in Psychology from the University of Tulsa. Self-taught artist working in acrylics, oil and various other mediums.